How can fares raise make public transportation more competitive?


“The raise of the transportation fares in Mexicali will make public transportation more competitive”, said the Industrial Chamber of Mexicali President, Eugenio Lagarde, but experience has shown that this is not as true as the entrepreneurial leader seems to think, the matter is to keep patting the transportation companies on the shoulder, as capricious children who offer a deficient service and (as usual) the workers will pay the price and the buses will still be in very bad shape, with no A/C in Summer, seats that broke when people sit on them and only a few new vehicles to simulate a “modernization”.

Once again, the inexistent social sensitivity and empathy towards the users and seek to earn more money without any concern for the quality of their services, they only want to keep doing excellent business and indulging drivers who are (most of them) potential sociopaths who endanger the lives of pedestrians and passengers who ride their buses or happen to walk the streets near their routes, once again the workers will carry the financial weight of one of the worst and most expensive transportation systems in Mexico.

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