Touring his Disctrict, Congressman Sergio Tolento reported his activities of the last year

Congressman Sergio Tolento Hernández (PAN) submitted his Second Legislative Activities Report in 26 points of the city of Mexicali, the Valley and the port of San Felipe, to inform the citizens about his activities of last year directly to the citizens of the Sixth District, which is the biggest in Mexicali Municipality, and he started his tour in El Dorado with more than one thousand people who joined him.

During the past year, Tolento submitted a bill to reform the Urban Development Law of Baja California, to establish time limits to incorporate housing projects and prevent the creation of new projects without a solid project behind it, since those companies have generated thousands of abandoned houses, because the housing developments sere never what those corporations offered.

HE also passed a Bill to enable the Environment Protection Agency of the State to promote and foster the creation of green corridors in order to have the those green spaces around the areas with the most severe problems of air pollution, and he helped poultry farmers to purchase 60 thousand birds, lobbying for them before the Agriculture Development Secretary of Baja California.

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