Mexicali City Hall invests 3 million pesos to “rehab” Chapultepec Heroes Park

With a 3 million peso investment the Heroes de Chapultepec Park was rehabilitated by the 22nd City Hall Administration of Mexicali, an emblematic space for Mexicali which appears in historical photographs that go back as far as 100 years and it´s a point of reference for those visitors entering Mexico thru this city´s “Old Border Crossing”, works that were the answer to merchants and residents of the area who had asked Mayor Gustavo Sanchez to improve and rehab this iconic space.

“Using public financial resources with transparency and efficiency, with a shared vision, is how we were able to carry out this works, we all deserve a home where we can feel comfortable and in order to achieve such a thing, an organized society and City Hall have worked together coordinating perfectly to achieve our goals”, said Mayor Sanchez who mentioned that this park was one of the first “green areas” in Mexicali.

He also said that 103 years ago, local History left proof that the first dwellers in this region found heat and a huge desert in this community, even so, they decided to found this city which, step by step, rose among the desert hardships thanks to the hard work of men and women who knew how to beat the difficulties and push forward the new city a century ago: Mexicali.


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