Green light to plebiscite about Constellation Brands in Mexicali frightens the almighty Company


While the Electoral Institute of Baja California announces that the plebiscite to probe Mexicali residents acceptation of the brewing plant of the transnational powerful corporation called Constellation Brands is a “step backwards”, the company issued a press release where it says that the Institute is making a big mistake and it represents a step back for the development of Mexicali, that goes to show that the company fears and loathes Mexicali’s popular opinion about the brewery, which is supposed to be a blessing for Mexicali, but maybe they HAVEN’T COMMUNICATED WITH MEXICALI RESIDENTS IN A CORECT MANNER or maybe they just don’t care.

They didn’t choose the best way to “socialize” their project, to prepare the people for their arrival they did it through traditional media, leaving the independent media aside so they have been questioned and criticized and they have look for shelter under the mainstream media umbrella, but the people’s questions have been answered in a hostile and patronizing manner by Director Jorge Burgos, with a rude attitude as if saying: “We are here and aren’t going nowhere”.

Thus, Constellation Brands is against the people’s right to express their opinion and feelings about the brewery, it seems that the alleged benefits this project will  bring are not what they say they are, it seems the “step back” was not taken by the people but by Constellation because they didn’t bother to search for a real and legitimate approach with the community, for them it was enough to paint and buy A/C equipments for a local school, however, now they show a peculiar fear of a democratic exercise promoted by the citizens that they should have surveyed before undertaking the project, or maybe they are used to get their own way wherever they go.

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