Training for Education State System English teachers by American instructors in CETYS Mexicali


Learning a second language implies a different cognitive process, there are mental molds to be broken in order to “enter the game”, a process where the teacher’s creativity is a determining factor to get student to “think” in the new language.

How to help the student to develop this skill was the subject of Joel Goldfield, part a series of training courses that the State’s Education System, headed by Secretary Miguel Angel Mendoza. Public junior high teachers from all Baja California in CETYS UNIVERSIDAD Campus Mexicali had the opportunity to interact and learn from academic epxerts fron the USA.





Joel Goldfield is Associate Professor of Modern Languages & Literature/Director of Modern Language Resource Center in Fairfield University, Connecticut, and he is one of the speakers who came to CETYS Campus Mexicali for this Education State System training course.

Learning a second language involves factors, which limit the mind to leave a comfort zone (the native language). That is the challenge for the language teacher and Doctor Goldfield wisely explains techniques to the teachers attending, and he really catches their interest.

Joel´s dynamic conference was part of a three-day training, which included several other speakers as part of Secretary Mendoza’s effort to enhance and improve the State public school English teachers’ skills and techniques.

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