State Government Promotes Phytosanitary Actions In Cotton Cultivation

MEXICALI, BC- Monday, December 3, 2018.- In order to improve the sanitary conditions of cotton production in the Mexicali Valley, the State Administration headed by governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, through the Ministry of Agricultural Development (SEDAGRO), met with cotton processing companies to address issues related to prophylactic work at the end of the crop harvest.

The head of SEDAGRO in Baja California, Manuel Valladolid Seamanduras, said that this meeting is a follow-up to cotton related issues, and the results are being validated and analyzed in the Agricultural Consultative Council, where different governmental instances participate as well as experts in the agrifood industry.

The topic addressed on this occasion was the impact of the mealybug pest in the cotton cultivated in the Mexicali valley, which was first identified in 2011, with 0.1 percent infestation, reaching 21 percent in the 2018 cycle, equivalent to 6,990 hectares.

He mentioned the importance of publicizing the progress in the control of the plague before the companies, since these provide the credit to the agricultural producers of the region, and to see which measures need to be taken in a coordinated manner with the authorities in order to contain the mealybug from spreading.

The recommendations presented to the representatives of the Cotton Product System and the ginning industry for the proper management of the mealybug were the use of short and intermediate cycle varieties, early sowings before March 31st, permanent monitoring of the farms, weed elimination, apply the last irrigation of aid before August 30th, defoliate, harvest before December 10, spoil and fallow immediately after the harvest.

The official informed that on behalf of the National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality (SENASICA), it was proposed to protect the issuance of the International Phytosanitary Certificate, as a support document for the integrated handling of mealybug by farmers in the Production sites.

Valladolid Seamanduras concluded that the measures taken within this meeting will continue to be applied as a commitment by the State Government, to ensure that the products of the primary sector continue to meet the highest standards of agrifood health.

Source: Gobierno del Estado de Baja California

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