Five thousand teachers protest against lack of pension payment, they paralyzed the State’s schools


Around 5 thousand teachers from all the state of Baja California demonstrated against the lack of payment for retired teachers a problem that the State administration of Governor Kiko Vega has said that was caused by lack of extraordinary federal resources which are sent every year but this year they weren’t, in a situation that has provoked crisis in several States but the worst scenario has been in Baja California, it even seems that former President Peña decided to take that money as “severance” at the end of his administration and leave several states financially, not only Baja California.

The speeches in an improvised stage, which was set in front of the Executive Branch building, talked about discomfort and anger against the State Government and several retired teachers have gotten ill and even have serious health problems, the same situation had already happened in November but the State got a bank credit to pay the teachers and now it has occurred again  and besides the retired teachers a High School public system, the Judiciary branch and the State Electoral Institute have had financial problems to pay their employees, due to the lack and or total absence of federal extraordinary funds which seem to be the nefarious legacy of President Peña Nieto for President Lopez Obrador.

Teachers suspended class today, all over the State, being solidary with the retired mentors who are disappointed at the State Government, the answer has been that it is false that the problem is due to bad management of federal funds but for the negative to the request for extraordinary resources for up to 4 thousand million since last July 2018 in order to face the financial needs of the year’s end.

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