Mexicali City Hall will invest 100 million pesos of its own resources on street paving


Financial order and discipline in Mexicali City Hall, as well as City Council mechanisms to avoid excessive debt, have yielded savings of up to 100 million pesos which will enable Mayor Gustavo Sanchez to undertake the paving of 320 square meters in benefit of 42 housing districts in Mexicali, an investment that will be possible thanks to the savings and low expenses of the first two years of Mayor Sanchez administration.

Mayor Sánchez reminded that the most recurring problem he detected during the 2016 campaign, was the lack of pavement or damaged streets, so this Special Paving Program will bring environmental and public health benefits and is a fact that shows how financial order and discipline enabled City Hall to improve Mexicali’s image.

“We expect to lower the streets pavement problem, little by little, there is still much to do and a lot of work ahead of us, besides the PEP program we are going to install 200 new street lamps for streets that will have pavement for the first time in a program that will do a lot of good to one million of residents of Mexicali, the Valley and San Felipe”, said Mayor Sánchez.

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