VI Feast of the Sea Urchin to take place in Ensenada BC on Saturday Dec. 8

ENSENADA, BC.- With the purpose of offering a space for the tasting of the sea urchin, the State Administration headed by Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, through the Secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SEPESCABC) ), and in coordination with the sea urchin Product System Committee, will hold the VI Feast of the Sea Urchin, in the Boutique Wine Cellar LA Cetto, on Saturday, December 8th.

Regarding the event, the head of the SEPESABC, Matías Arjona Rydalch, informed that the presence of at least ten local restaurants is expected, which will offer several dishes starting at 1:00 pm, so the public can enjoy this seafood of great demand abroad, mainly in countries of the far East.

The state official said that this activity also involves permit holders dedicated to the sustainable use of this species, from which last year 1,886 tons of two varieties were extracted in Baja California, the purple urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) and the red urchin (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus).The official said that this is one of the most popular species from the Pacific coast of the state, along with the generous clam, lobster, abalone, sea cucumber, bluefin tuna and shrimp.

Arjona Rydalch recognized the enthusiasm and participation of the producers who are dedicated to the fishing of this species, especially the non-governmental representative of the Sea Urchin Product System Committee, Daniel León Orozco, since they are the ones who provide the urchin, so that the assistants can taste of the different dishes made from this marine species, making this event a tradition in Ensenada during the month of December.

The VI Feast of the Sea Urchin Saturday will take place on Saturday December 8, at Kilometer 108 of the Tijuana-Ensenada Highway number 2788, and for more information call (646) 172-3080, extension 3295, with the Chief of Promotion and Marketing of the SEPESCABC, Sergio Egozcue Ayala.

Source: Gobierno del Estado de Baja California

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