MORENA and PRI are behind the teachers’ demonstrations: Gutierrez Vidal


The union forces are gathered on the old style PRI, today PRIMOR (referring to PRI and MORENA, his partisan enemies) share table and wine (SIC), and they frontally attack the State’s institutions and would like to destabilize Baja California and society as a whole, with their blockades in offices and streets by teachers who are, in fact, getting their salaries and other fringe benefits paid, said PAN (National Action Party), Javier Gutierrez Vidal. Referring to the demonstrations orchestrated.

The problem is that the retired teachers haven’t been paid their pensions, and they have demonstrated in Mexicali Civic Center altogether with active teachers who have solidarize with them, and according to Gutierrez Vidal the forces of PRI and MORENA  are part of the demonstrations, the fact of the matter is that they haven’t been paid because the State Government has stated that federal funds which former President Peña should have send to take care of those expenses never arrived, but for the PAN Mexicali leader this nothing but a political chance for them more than a fair protest.

He accused union leaders of endangering the children’s integrity, with schools closed and parents working, the kids are left home alone and at risk, so he called the teachers who are being paid and invited them to have some respect for the citizens and go back to the classrooms.

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