CCE president takes unappropiate positions so we separated from them: Eugenio Lagarde industry leader of Mexicali


An excessively protagonist role has been taken by the Entrepreneurial Coordination Council (CCE in Spanish), and it has deviated from its original purpose which is to coordinate (as its name states) the different Chambers such as the Industry Chamber (CANACINTRA) so the President of the latter decided to separate the chamber from the CCE since he and the industry people he represents don’t agree with the political positions the council president has been assuming.

He also said that he doesn’t agree with the electoral positions and statements the CCE President was taking all this electoral year, and said it was wrong: “Because when the coordinator speaks, he is not speaking in a personal manner but on behalf of all the chambers grouped in the council, but the CCE President seems to ignore this (intentionally or not) but we even comment that to him and he didn’t seem to care about it”, said Lagarde.

Borttomline, the CCE President doesn’t represent a summit of summits as he likes to assume he is nothing but a COORDINATOR and he shouldn’t go out and make statements if all the chamber Presidents agree on it, but he hasn’t been doing this so CANACINTRA decided to separate itself from the CCE, mostly for the political positions which have been taken by the council President”, Lagarde explained.

Most of this happened during the Presidential Elections 2018, with statements which deviate the CCE from its original mission of gathering and coordinating the efforts of the entrepreneurial, industrial and commerce chambers, assuming political positions is an inappropriate behavior from the CCE’s President, finally said Lagarde.

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