Animal cruelty and illegal lucrative activities in Todos Santos BCS

La Paz, Baja California Sur.- Visitors to a turtle camp that a group of environmentalists operates on a beach near the site known as La Máquina, in the Todos Santos delegation, reported serious irregularities in the management of newborn sea turtles, since most of those that were released were almost dead, presumably because they were taken out of the nest many hours before being released into the sea, which weakened them, to the point of not being able to reach the water.

Removing them from sand nests and retaining them, would have as a purpose to put the animals in a container and in the hand of visitors to throw them into the sea, in exchange for a “cash contribution”, that ranges from 50 Mexican pesos to 100 US dollars per person,  a practice that is totally illegal.

Anonymous sources denounced that irregularities are constant in this camp; that has been fined twice by Profepa for delivering turtles to visitors in order to earn money and do business in what is supposed to be an environmental conservationist activity, and that this site even receives federal economic resources for this purpose.

The source also warned of the risk of contamination to visitors who come to touch the turtles, since the turtles can naturally carry salmonella, amoebas and other bacteria; the correct way is to free the turtles, is by taking them from the nest to the sea in special containers, without anyone touching them, to avoid the risk of contamination (for both humans and turtles), and above all to prevent people from taking them to their homes.

Fuente: Sudcaliforniano

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