Rorqual Whale stranded in Punta Estrella Beach, south of San Felipe BC

BAJA CALIFORNIA.- The Federal Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) attended the finding of a Tropical Rorqual Whale calf on the beach called Punta Estrella, 25 kilometers south of San Felipe, Baja California, which died by means of anchoring. The animal did not show signs that its death had to do with any kind of human activity or interaction.

In response to a report made by personnel from the San Felipe Naval Sector, in Baja California, regarding the presence of the body of a dead whale calf on the beach called Punta Estrella, 25 kilometers south of San Felipe, PROFEPA’S Network for Attention to Marine Mammals went immediately to verify the information.

Personnel of this agency located the corpse of a young Rorcual Tropical Whale (Balaenoptera edeni), of 4 meters in length, in the first phase of decomposition process: it presented swelling , tongue and eyes exposed and skin detachment.

It is worth mentioning that this specimen is dark gray with a yellowish-white belly, it is the second smallest rorqual, with an average length of 12 meters in its adult stage, the pectoral fins are small compared to the size of its body, as well as the dorsal fin, which is prominent and sickle-shaped, characteristics of a specimen of Tropical Rorcual.

Wildlife specialists made an exhaustive observation with the purpose of detecting indications about the cause of death. No net marks, lacerations or fingerprints were found regarding the fact that the decease was due to anthropogenic activities (effects, results or processes that are a consequence of human actions).

As established in Article 58 of the Protocol for the Care of Marine Mammals, due to the fact that the event occurred on a beach near a tourist area where human health may be at risk, it was determined to provide a final disposal, through Anchoring in the sea, in a place away from the influence of the tides, thus avoiding bad smells and discomfort to the population.

This also allows natural degradation processes to be carried out naturally.

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