Canadian citizen commits suicide after returning from Los Cabos

Last month, Canadian citizen Pierre Bergeron, committed suicide after returning from his vacation in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Bergeron and Christine St-Onge, his sentimental partner, organized a vacation and traveled to Los Cabos. Days after their arrival in Mexico, the woman was reported missing and then she was found dead and in an advanced state of decomposition very close to a hotel in Los Cabos.

In the room of the hotel where the couple was staying, police officers found blood stains, which could point to a marital fight and later, a murder.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Canadian embassy in Mexico, requested the help of the Mexican authorities to locate Christine St-Onge.

The couple had to return to Montreal Canada on December 6, but Bergeron returned alone and one day after his arrival in Canada, he committed suicide.

Almost a week later, Mexican authorities said they found a female body and it was believed that it may be the body of the missing Canadian woman.

On Wednesday, December 12, authorities said that after analyzing the body, the cause of death was a severe blow to the head, and then they confirmed that it was Christine St-Onge.

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