Legislative reform would allow the State Security Secretary to lower homicide rate


The total Budget for the Public Security Secretary of Baja California is 2.1 billion pesos for 2019, and a big amount of this goes to the State Correctional System, while the first thing in secretary Gerardo Sosa Olachea´s mind this year, is the reform to the National Penal Code so the possession of firearms may become a felony with no right to bail, it would help a lot to lower the homicide rate which has escalated in Tijuana, “we are not talking about hunting rifles here”.

Many of these murders are also related to disputes over the control of drug dealing on the streets, and the most common drug police run into is Methamphetamine, but the most dangerous one is Fentanyl, also called synthetic heroin, which leads to a big amount of OD deaths in the States, heroin, cocaine and marihuana complete the drugs that pass to the US through Baja California, but a lot of dugs remain and are sold here.

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