“Retired teachers’ payment problem will be solved by the end of January”: Kiko Vega


Political interest groups took advantage of the financial crisis that Baja California has been going through, said Governor Kiko Vega and pledged that, on January 18th, the delay on December payments will be settled and by the end of the month the situation will be updated and there won’t be more payment delays for retired teachers.

AT the end of the Police Day celebration, Vega offered a press conference where he explained those reasons of the problem but also insisted in avoiding rumors and speculations about the extraordinary resources which were not sent by President Peña’s administration, something that was agreed to be covered by the new administration, and he said the name “extraordinary” doesn´t mean they are additional and he assured that he’s been working hard to find a solution to the problem.

“I spent ten days in Mexico City, trying to open doors to obtain resources and solve this situation”, said Vega, besides that, the resources are labeled “extraordinary” not because they are extra or additional, but because of something that started in the 50’s when teachers were offered a salary bonus of 12% to lure them to come and work in Baja California, and grew to 22% with Governor Ernesto Ruffo at the end of the 80´s, so Education gets 57% of the State’s Budget while national average is 37%.

It´s important to explain President Lopez Obrador the relevance of the amount of money that Baja California sends to Mexico City every year, Vega said that, only from Customs , the state sends the central government, 42 billion pesos a year, so on that  basis, Governor Vega will ask for funding in order to level the Education financial figures to 37% of the total resources for Baja, and he also said that he and his team are working to achieve a more competitive state and told people not to get lost and confused by rumors and misinformation.

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