“I will come back to Baja California to evaluate the Free Zone Decree”: AMLO in Tijuana


During his visit to Tijuana, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed his support to Governor Kiko Vega, “despite ideological differences we must work together”, he promised to be back in three months to make an evaluation of the tax benefits of the Free Zone Decree and said that Baja California entrepreneurs and businessmen have “social dimension” and understand the need of new labor policies.

López Obrador said that businessmen and companies from southern Mexico didn’t like the Free Zone Decree and he assured that there will be no fake invoices nor any other abuse of the decree{s benefits which will detonate economic growth from 3 to 5 or 6% all over the border with the USA, he also said his administration will continue fighting fuel robbery in PEMEX, “. . . so much for the crooked state” and “. . . don´t arm wrestle with us. . . “ were two of his statements and then he assured than in the last few days the fuel theft figures went from one thousand 100 tanker trucks to only thirty six and it had been going on since President Fox administration.

Governor Francisco Vega was explicit when he asked for a proportional growth in the State 2019 budget to lever the investment in education at a 37%, which is the National median, he also recalled that Baja California is 5th place in job creation in Mexico and that he will be looking forward to reviewing the decree in three months’ time.

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