President Lopez Obrador in Tijuana: Bad organization, disorder and preferences, things that never change


President Lopez Obrador visit to Tijuana as President, was no different than the times when PRI or PAN presidents visited, there were organization problems and the press was mistreated or not treated equally, with privileges for TELEVISA and other “national press” outlets, while the room for reporters was very small, with three TELEVISA teams there while other media representatives were left out, it´s a pity for them. . . . they are not relevant media.

President AMLO’s discourse was about the fuel theft that PEMEX went through for years speaking about fighting this crime wh9ch might become dangerous business and obviously there will be a response from organized crime and those who enjoyed the profits of fuel robbery, there is already a reaction, the fuel scarcity in some central states of Mexico, coincidentally states where the fuel theft was predominant, in this sense President AMLO warned them not to arm wrestle with the Government.

Some people didn´t like President Lopez Obrador’s support for Governor Kiko Vega and his words were very clear expressing recognition to Mr. Vega’s authority as State Executive and he promised to return in three to be back in three months’ time to evaluate the Free Zone decree but he didn’t mention the Central America immigrants issue which (despite what Mexico´s State Department said) is still a big problem in Tijuana, Donald Trump wants those people to await the resolution of their asylum petition on the Mexican side of the border, summarizing AMLO’s visit to Tijuana: Backup for Kiko Vega, promised to come back in three months and to tell about what is happening in PEMEX.

Chaos and mistreatment of guests and the media by the President’s security outfit, as well as official “kneeling” before TELEVISA and other of the so called “big” or “national” media, they are treated very differently than the small or indep0endent media which have always been despised, but it seems that TELEVISA remains strong as in the old times for Azcárraga there is no “Fourth Transformation” he gets to keep his privileges.

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