Baja California 4th place in job creation in Mexico: Gov. Kiko Vega de Lamadrid


Baja California attracted almost 7 million dollars a day, national and international investment and 6.382 billion dollars of Foreign Direct Investment since 2014, about 22% more than that last State Administration according to information of the Federal Economy Secretary, said Francisco Kiko Vega de Lamadrid.

Mexico´s Social Security Institute (IMSS) has recorded the creation of 210 thousand formal jobs, at the end of 2018 the State was fourth place in this concept with 46 thousand 469 jobs during Governor Kiko Vega’s administration the average growth has been 3.8% which is well above the national, median of 2.6% and regarding tourism, Baja California receives an average of 27.6 million visitors with a financial spread adding up to 118 million pesos.

“Baja California, historically, adds a lot to the Federal Government through taxes, I insist in claiming for justice and a fair 6treatment from the Federal administration, in our State we invest more than 50% of our own budget, in education and considering that Public High Schools are free in BC, that figure grows up to 57% while pother States as Mexico City) invest zero in education, of their own budget”, said Governor Vega.

Baja California Works under an open and competitive development model, it is located in one of the most attractive regions in the world, by the effort of the entrepreneurial sector and the coordination among Government instances, pushing economy forward and creating jobs, said Vega de Lamadrid, during the ceremony where, Roberto Rosas Jimenez, new COPARMEX (one Mexico´s most important businessmen organizations) President took charge.

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