Jaime Martínez Veloz shows dissatisfaction with the surveys

by Alfredo Azcárate V.

Last minute poll changes, irregularities in a “consultation” process that leaves many doubts and concerns, a new way of exercising democracy that was supposed to be a good idea, when it comes to practice, the results are not clear, as Arturo González Cruz was announced as the winner of the survey. And now, sources close to Martinez Veloz say he will challenge the result.

Not much was known about this survey, dozens or even hundreds of acquaintances do not know one single person who had been surveyed… results that leave disagreement and more questions than answers, a new model implemented by AMLO’s MORENA, that resembles an “old school PRI political party style of doing things”.

A survey that was opened to many opportunists who after the results of July 1, 2018, want to jump into a train of almost certain triumph.

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