Nurse commits suicide inside Mexicali’s Mother and Child Hospital

Mexicali.- A 45-year-old nurse at the Mother and Child Hospital of Mexicali, took her own life inside the premises on Saturday Feb. 16th.

Around 11:00 AM a report was received to the 911 emergency number, stating that the body of a woman was found inside the hospital located in Mexicali’s Colonia Plutarco Elías Calles, and Municipal and Ministerial Police officers immediately attended the call.

When they arrived, they met with the medical personnel who told them that their co worker’s shift started at 8:00 am and that for about 40 minutes they lost sight of her. Then, the woman was found in one of the bathrooms of the hospital, with her head inside a toilet.

Medical staff moved her to an operating room, and after performing first aid maneuvers she was declared deceased.

Ministerial police officers mentioned that a syringe with traces of blood was found in one of the nurse’s pockets, which suggests that the woman took her own life by injecting some lethal substance.

Source: OEM

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