The famous arch of Cabo San Lucas could collapse at any time

Arco as usual (left). Arco with beach (right)

“The famous arch of Cabo San Lucas could collapse at any time due to natural causes, due to a fracture in the structure of the rock caused by nature,” according to Javier Gaytán Moran, in charge of the geology area of ​​the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur (UABCS).

The problem is that, with the force of the sea waves, wind and humidity, little by little the arc will wear out, so its collapse would be imminent, although an exact period of time can not be established for this to happen.

The arch of Cabo San Lucas is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the region. There are motorboats that make tourist trips approaching it and where you can appreciate the sea lions that rest at this point.

However, it should be noted that the port captaincy prohibits all boats from getting too close, as the waves are very dangerous and boats could crash into the rocks.

In addition, every three or four years there is a phenomenon of low tide that allows people to walk under the arch, but this is also completely prohibited.

So you know, if you go to Cabo San Lucas go to visit this site, because there is no way to know how much longer we will be able to enjoy it. Of course, make sure you appreciate it from a safe distance.

Source: La Opinión

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