More human rights violations by Police than by the armed forces in Mexico: Senator Monreal


In Mexico, human right violations occur more by the Federal Police (2 thousand 600 cases in 2018) than by the armed forces (1 thousand 200 HR violations last year) said Senator Ricardo Monreal form MORENA (President AMLO´s political party) as he commented on the subject of the National Guard which was intended to be a nationwide police with a military command but opposition´s lobby in the Senate managed to change this to a civil central command, nevertheless HR violations are a serious problem, Senator Monreal assured there was real open dialogue in this matter.

Ha also said that the National Guard issue and the manner in which it was solved in the Senate is a political landmark in Mexico´s history within MORENA Senate fraction, for the manner in which the lobby and communication among different political forces took place, the opposition´s questions and arguments were answered and heard and there was an open attitude negotiating and the attitude of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to come along in this delicate but relevant issue.

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