Arbitrary changes in a prestiged Tijuana news outlet: The wind doesn´t seem as free as it used to


Finding out that a colleague labor situation “changed” form photographer/reporter to just photographer, has been sad, mostly when it is someone who Works with journalistic spirit, love to the craft and assuming the social responsibility implied in serious journalism, credible of research and investigation, entering the inaccessible realms of official information to inform and keep society up to date with transcendental info and making a “counter weight” against official media and the blackmail that some people have sold as journalism even though they are almost illiterate.

The case of a fellow journalist, who works for one of the most relevant and influential media outlets in Baja California and Mexico, whose texts were vetoed during six weeks, and finally was “reduced” to be just a photographer, all due to the whims of the Director, a woman  who has been honored and praised in national magazines and other media as one of the most influential women in Mexico, however, in her realms she is the antithesis of what she preaches to be, the relay she took from Jesus Blancornelas when he died might affected her emotional intelligence and she might have found it was too much for her emotional intelligence.

It is not the first time that this Director exerts punishment and pressure against some of her reporters, another sample on how “the project is more important than one of its members” is just an euphemism to mean: “Your work is not relevant or the organization doesn´t care about you”.

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