Historic: UABC Longhorns and CETYS Foxes join forces to celebrate 2019 Regional College Olympiad in Baja

The main Colleges of Baja CAlifornia join together for Universiada (Olympics of sorts) 2019 from March 31st to April 8th in Mexicali and Tijuana

After signing a collaboration agreement, the Baja California Autonomous University (UABC) and the Technical and Superior Educational Center (CETYS) which are the two most important Colleges in the State, they offered a press conference to inform about the Regional Universiada 2019, which is a sports competition where both of them will be hosting 2 thousand 400 athletes from 20 colleges hailing from Sonora, Sinaloa, Baja California and Baja California Sur.

The Regional Universiada (college Olympics of sorts) 2019 will take place in UABC Campus Tijuana on March 31st to April 3rd and in CETYS Campus Mexicali April 4th to 8th, a landmark in both schools history since they will be working hand in hand to celebrate sports and camaraderie between universities of the four Northwestern Region states in Mexico.

One public and the other private, both UABC and CETYS are the main educational institutions in Baja California, Emilio Manuel Arrayales Millán, UABC Sports School Director de la Faulted de Deports de la UABC, said that it will be an honor to work together with CETYS in such an important event while Enrique Lechuga Núñez, State Sports Director of CETYS System , said that this collaboration will make history since it is the first time that CETYS and UABC come together to organize such a relevant sports event and invited students from both schools to root for local teams and athletes.

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