Thousands of students will head to Mexico for “Springbreak”

With the tragic death of Taylor Kristofer Meyer, who was murdered while vacationing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico last year, many pundits are discussing how dangerous Mexico is and touting that more Americans are killed in Mexico each year than in all foreign countries combined.

With spring break upon us, is one of America’s favorite foreign vacation spots really dangerous? Should you be looking at different spring break plans? Are your children safe when they head down to Mexico for a tour of Senor Frog’s and Coco Bongo?

You have a higher risk of dying by motorcycle accident or of accidentally drowning in the next year than of being murdered in Mexico as a tourist…

Since 2002, the U.S. State Department has listed how many Americans have died sudden and unnatural deaths while abroad (this does not include cases where the person would have died regardless of his or her location). In 2017, 822 Americans died unnatural deaths abroad, including homicides, drownings, traffic accidents, and drug-related deaths.


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