American wanted in California for murder, hid for two years, he was arrested in Mexicali

Almost two years after he killed a man in California, international liaison State Police Agents detained Angel Manuel Navarro, 28 years old, who had an outstanding warrant for murdering a man for first degree homicide according to reports of the Avenal Police Department, Navarro killed a man and hurt two more in East Monterey Street, may 1st, 2017 and fled to Baja California where he hid for almost two years.

Ministerial State Police agents detained Navarro by request of the US Marshals. Two years ago, he was riding a Chevrolet Malibu with another man, on East Monterey Street, he attacked them with a knife, somehow he got into a fight and killed a man and left two seriously hurt, then the driver tried to run them over and then they fled; after his arrest Navarro was turned to the US Marshals.

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