Baja California University received 600 million pesos from State Gov., admission process starts March 13th

The State Government gave 600 million pesos as part of the pending funds for the Baja California State University (UABC) in an agreement, which was signed by Dean Daniel Octavio Valdez Delgadillo, and the State Government Secretary, Francisco Rueda Gómez on behalf of Governor Kiko Vega.

It was also informed that, as of yesterday there was a bank deposit of 56 million pesos and there is a commitment to deliver one hundred million more through the State Mayor Official office so the Dean said that as of Wednesday March 13th, the admission process for 2019 new students which will depend on the funds promised by the State Government.

“I want to thank all the University community and all society in general for their support specially the University councilmen and the members of the Students Society State Committee and all the students who in several manners backed up our institutional actions,” said Dean Valdes.

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