Mayor Sanchez delivered a new dining room for Ejido Guanajuato elementary school

With students, teachers and parents attending, the elementary school Gervacio Mendoza, in Ejido Guanajuato in the Mexicali Valley, Mexicali Mayor Gustavo Sanchez delivered the construction of a dining room, which will allow the children to have their food in a better physical space, and he also announced a 13 million pesos investment for a drinkable water system for the community.

Upon arrival to the school, Gustavo Sanchez said that the City Hall has been pushing forward this type of works in the city, Valley and the port of San Felipe to bring benefits to Mexicali families, and he said that education is not a direct responsibility of the City Mayor, from the beginning of this Administration he has been working on improvements for better educational facilities infrastructure.

Mayor Sanchez also said that visiting Mexicali Valley “charges” his battery and he values the opportunity to shake hands with women and men who, with their effort, prove what constant and permanent work can do for Mexicali: “All along these 27 months working there have been a lot of works done, such as these school dining rooms, metallic covers, electrification works, drinkable water systems, and other things for Mexicali Valley communities which hadn’t gotten attention and necessary services.

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