PAN accuses Jaime Bonilla of trying to “buy” the State Congress to change the Law regarding the time period for the next Governor


Ina brutal attack against democracy and legality (according to PAN state leader, Jose Luis Ovando) Jaime Bonilla tried to bribe the State House representatives to vote for changing the next Governor period from 2 to 5 years, which goes to prove that he is sure he will win next June 2nd election, staining President AMLO´s quest for honesty and war against corruption and adding one more action to his dubious and even nefarious résumé which he drags behind him, maybe he feels overconfident because he is “up” in the State polls for the next Summer election.

The Entrepreneurial Coordination Council (CE in Spanish) met in COPARMEX (employers’ union) in a press conference they announced that trying to change the time period for the next Governor would not go and they consider it an intent to breach the Law, and warned the State Congress representatives: “Don´t rock the boat” to emphasize their rejection to any change in the Law in this sense.

Once again, Bonilla seems to be far away from the anticorruption and austerity policies of president AMLO, besides that he has surrounded himself with former PRI and PAN militants and appointed them as candidates as a result of a dubious and dark poll where those politicians “won”, over some militants who had been in MORENA (AMLO and Bonilla´s political party) since its very beginnings about 6 years ago.

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