UABC students ignore Dean Valdes call and invite to march and demonstrate this Thursday


A group of students from the Baja California State University (UABC in Spanish) announced that this Thursday march 14th they will march to demand payment of around a billion pesos which the State Government owes the university and which has affected the university and its processes od admission 2019 which is endangered due to the lack of payment.

Dean Daniel Valdes had invited students to his office for a meeting where he asked them to remain calm and give him the opportunity to work things out by means of dialogue and negotiation, if it weren´t possible then “we will all march together”, said the Dean, but yesterday in a press conference, a group of students (apart from the students who met with Dean Valdes in his office) declared themselves ready to march this Thursday Mach 14th, to demand the billion pesos payment.  

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