Baja California State University celebrates 50 years of “taking of the land” to build Ensenada Campus

There was a big celebration for the 50th Anniversary of the land taking of March 13th 1969, where the Sauzal Unite of the Baja California Autonomous University (UABC) Campus Ensenada now stands and offers education and knowledge to thousands of students who are studying or have graduated and contribute to Mexico´s growth and development every day.

In the beginning, the Marine Science School didn´t have its own building and facilities, it wasn´t even close to the ocean so a group of students coordinated with UABC authorities and started a movement, taking land next to the maritime federal area in the northern side of Ensenada.

UABC Dean, Daniel Valdez, said that it is important to give recognition and remember all those involved in this movement, men and women, who were key factor for this to be accomplished fighting from different fronts so now the UABC Ensenada Campus has become one of the best academic instances among Mexican universities.

He said that the so called “taking of the land” gave place to a series of actions which culminated in the UABC’s having its own grounds where the first buildings of Ensenada Campus were built: “That is why we now recognize the courage and perseverance of all those involved, but most of all the love for the UABC who moved the collective dream of a group of young men and women, which we now see crystalized in this Ensenada Campus”, said Dean Valdez.

“This ceremony becomes especially relevant in these moments we Longhorn Rams (UABC mascot) are experiencing, because this story teaches the current generations that, when the university community is proactive and joins in a coordinated manner with different leaderships of the UABC, any lobby with the Government yields better results”, said Doctor Valdez.

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