Mexico´s Gov. “ground” Boeing Mas 8 & 9 aircraft models due to Indonesia air crash where a Mexican citizen died

After the accident in Indonesia which caused the death of more than 180 people in a crash in Indonesia, Mexico´s Government has made the decision to suspend, until further notice, all operations of the Boeing 737 MADX 8 and 9 for domestic as well as international operations, said a press release issued by the Civil Aeronautics Direction of the Communication and Transportation Secretary.

Based upon available information from international aeronautical authorities, Mexico´s Aeronautical Authorities considers necessary to take action in order to guarantee trust and safety to those who use these airships in our country´s air space.

Several airlines and Aeronautical Authorities in the world have communicated their official position which is to keep those planes landed, and also said that all Mexican authorities will follow up the technical disposition which the manufacturer, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which is the main aeronautical authority in the USA.

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