There must be a tender to approve parking meters concession in Ensenada (Rocío López Gorosave)

Ensenada local representative, Rocío López Gorosave, recognized there is a problem with parking space in the downtown area of Ensenada and indicated that it is necessary to look for an integral solution for this situation since it affects both traffic and commercial and tourist

However, she said, that the issue has recently taken relevance as the municipal government wants to approve a concession to operate parking meters in the area.

López Gorosave said “What I believe, is that, a concession of this type, must involve citizens, businessmen, service providers as well as merchants, sand tenants of the area, because they have the right to be part of the decision “.

After that, the legislator mentioned, “We must carefully review all the concepts of a possible tender and, above all, certify and validate that those who participate in these biddings are companies with proven honesty and that have the technological capacity.

The local representative, contnued, “Unfortunately, lately we’ve had bad experiences in terms of tenders, like the case of the street lighitng, as we can see, a large part of the City is in the darkness including tourist, areas, and the City officials argue that it is the responsibility of the supplier, and therefore, their hands are tied”.

“That is why it is so important to have an open and transparent bidding process for this project”, Ensenada local representative, Rocío López Gorosave concluded.

Source: Congreso del Estado de Baja California

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