Wall painting by national and international artists beautify Mexicali old downtown


Sponsored by a famous Mexican paint brand and a collective art project called Colectivo Tomate, an Mexican artistic group hailing from Puebla, who (altogether with foreign artists that they invite) developed wall paintings all over Mexicali ancient downtown, abandoned places such as Cine Variedades and Reforma and other buildings and alley walls which had been abandoned for years and now acquire new life with this paintings.

The wall paintings subjects vary, but all have to do with Mexicali history and development: “When we achieve cities coming to life, vibrating and exploding or imploding in happiness, color enthusiasm and creativity, that is when we know they are advancing and that is what we have achieved here, today”, said Mayor Gustavo Sanchez, in a press conference with representatives of the paint brand and Colectivo Tomate, who were in charge of choosing the artists who would participate in this project.

Colectivo Tomate is an organization from Puebla and has worked developing wall painting city projects all over Mexico, this time it was Mexicali´s turn, with 21 artists participating Seven local, eleven national and three international, they are aiming to develop this pictoric project which is good but which would be so much better if Tomate would explore within the local talents to discover all those “barrio” artists with huge talent who work hard trying to promote their work, and most of the time have no or very little support, the problem is that they don´t seem to be very open to suggestions about their project which nature is more corporative than of real social benefit.

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