Entrepreneurial obsession for Constellation Brands: Stockholm syndrome?


If Constellation Brands (CB) leaves Mexicali, foreign investment will stop flowing to Mexicali, at least it is what the entrepreneurial choir says and sings everywhere in order to defend a corporation which has come to Mexicali to use a strategical resource (water) to brew beer which will be sold out of Mexico thus yielding profits in the United States which won´t be “felt” in Mexico, these voices state that if this company leaves, Mexicali will be ruined because no other company will want to bring investment, but they seem to forget that if it stays they will be the main beneficiaries.

According to CB General Director, the company has met all legal requirements and all obstacles should be removed and the construction and operation of the brewery allowed, besides that they say that all those opposed to the project are politically motivated and are handled and manipulated by agent provocateurs but they forget to mention that the impugnation is against the Environmental Impact Manifesto (MIA in Spanish) which the environmental authorities have granted the company and civil society groups have asked to review, but it seems Mr. Burgos doesn´t feel like giving any explanations, he has already agreed everything with authorities and he doesn´t care much for public opinion.

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