Life expectancy in Baja California is 74 years (INEGI)

The life expectancy in Baja California is 74 years, according to data collected by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) during 2016. In fact, elderly people in their late fifties or sixties are still taking care of their parents in their late seventies or eighties.

Luis Bustamante Mora, delegate of the Secretariat of Social Development of the State (Sedesoe), said: “We have older adults taking care of older adults; , adults of 60, 58 years taking care of their parents, and that is becoming an issue that we must address asap. “

He added that the state is granting a monthly economic support to 445 senior citizens, and there are many more on a waiting list.”

In that sense, he pointed out that there are only three ways be part of the 445 list; The first is that one of the beneficiaries dies, the second is that they change their residence, and the third is that they no longer need the economic support.

“So, periodically we do a socioeconomic study at their homes, to find out if they are still in need, if they are still living in that address or if they are still alive “he said.

“For those senior citizens who do not have access to this economic incentive, we recommend to access other federal programs,”
Bustamante Mora concluded.

Source: OEM

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