POLYPHARMACY: Life threat and serious problem among seniors with a high level of prescription drugs intake

Poly-pharmaceutics is the use of 4 or more prescription drugs simultaneously by the same patient, it is considered a geriatric syndrome because it occurs mainly in patients who are more than 60 years old as a consequence of multiple prescription for chronic disease by several doctors who visualize the patients in a fragmented manner and even misinterpret symptoms, increasing prescription, handicap risk, hospitalization and death, said doctor Guillermo Trejo Dozal, Baja California State Government Secretary of Health.

Trejo also said that he has received instructions from Governor Francisco Kiko Vega, to work in an intensive manner in order to identify patients with this problem, regularly they are senior citizen patients who intake several medicines and prescription drugs for diverse diseases and estimated that the population 65 years or older consumes between 25 and 50% of the prescribed drugs and are responsible for 70% of the total pharmaceutical expense.

The main causes for a patient to develop poly-pharmaceuticals are age and co-morbidity; older adults have special characteristics, which affect the pharmacy-dynamics: Diminishing muscle mass, increase of fatty tissue and depletion of corporal water-

These patients are in high risk to feature secondary effects due to the increase of pharmacological interactions, and it makes more difficult the therapeutic achievement, which complicates the patient´s management even more. Senior citizens with poly-pharmaceutical problems are up to 7 times in higher risk of developing adverse reactions to medicine compared with younger patients.   

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