Mexicali Mayor announces new, improved WEB citizen attention program called RETYS


An increase from 3 to 163 INTERNET services form the 22 Mexicali City Hall Administration, was announced by Mayor Gustavo Sánchez in a press conference which took place in the 8th floor of the East Point Tower in Mexicali´s golden zone, “we are trying to give a better, faster and more specialized attention to the people of Mexicali so they don´t really have to go to the City Hall building, except to greet me, if they want to”, said Sanchez.

This new service program is called RETYS, which is Spanish for Service and Procedures Registration, and it reflects the work of each and every one of the city administration´s directions and areas, which now may be delivered through the Internet, 141 of them are 100% in the Web. The president of the Entrepreneurial Council Coordination (CCE), Rodrigo Llantada was at the press conference next to Mayor Sánchez and he congratulated him for the implications of such a service simplification.

Mayor Sanchez also mentioned the advance of the !YA ESTÁ! (Already done!) App, with which people can request up to seven services and which has already served more than 15 thousand Mexicali residents who have already downloaded and used this application, which was created (as the RETYS itself) as an attempt to grant supply and deliver better and faster service to those who require to carry out any beaurocratic procedures in City Hall.

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