Mexican Navy fires against San Felipe fishermen, one more “memento” from former Prez Peña Nieto


San Felipe fishermen went into the Gulf waters to fish, protesting against the ban which had been imposed and even when President Lopez Obrador had said that there wouldn´t be any sort of reprisals against them if they took to the sea to fish Mexican Navy effectives opened fire against the fishermen this March 28th morning, according to sources from SISTEMA DIGITAL de NOTICIAS MEXICALI, first there had been versions stating that there was a dead fisherman but it was denied and he was only badly hurt, no casualties so far.

The fishing ban in San Felipe had been imposed due to pressure from international organizations and even Leo Diu Caprio, who think they are defending the vaquita and the totoaba (endemic species of the Colorado Delta) but seem to ignore that the unbalance of salty and sweet waters in the Delta is the main cause of the vaquita´s population dwindling which has been caused by the control and handling of the Colorado waters done by the USA.

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