National Dance Competition to take place this weekend in Mexicali´s CEART: Bejarano

Around 400 dancers will compete for the Best Dancer in Mexico medal in the Fourth National Dance Competition that will take place in the State Arts Center (CEART in Spanish) from March 29th to 31st in Mexicali, with classic, neoclassic ballet, contemporary, modern jazz, lyric jazz, tap, hip hop and aerial, among others, and they will compete for prizes  which include cash, travels and access to courses and workshops, said Manuel Bejarano Giacomman, General Director of the Baja California Culture Institute (ICBC) in a press conference.

The judges will be Agustina Galazzi, Henry Torres, Jorge Narcio, Esai Ramírez, Sandra Garza and Melissa Almaguer, there will also be a Ballet workshop led by Agustina Galazzi while Henry Torres will be in charge of a Contemporary Dance class on March 29th; while the 30th Jorge Narciso will head a Modern Jazz workshop, Esaí Ramírez will head a Hip Hop and Sandra Garza an Aerial Dance workshops.

Nancy Paola Minor is the National Dance Competition and she said that the tickets for the event is 150 pesos which will grant then access to all the competitions which will take place in CEART´s AUKA Music Hall and Experimental Forum, as of 10 AM on March 30th and 31st.

The competition categories will be: Kids, teens, college, dancers and professional dancer and in this last category the “all around” winner will get a 20 thousand dollar prize, for further information about this visit and for other CEART activities and events, visit and/or Facebook/Cultura BC.

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