Mexicali mural altered by members of the church

Arguing that JM’s mural used the Islamic half moon instead of a Catholic cross, his work was clandestinely altered.

The mural is part of the cultural movement organized by Colectivo Tomate in collaboration with the City of Mexicali.

One of the most important mural movements for the capital of Baja California occurred throughout the month of March thanks to the management of Colectivo Tomate, who together with the City Council of Mexicali and the company Comex, managed to bring 21 national and international artists to “decorate” the walls of downtown Mexicali with their artistic form of expression.

One of the selected artists was JM, a native of Mexicali, considered one of the most important for his style and background. His work of art was one of those considered as “large format”; portraying a sketch that illustrated the border city of Mexicali in a dystopian future, totally multicolored with elements and icons representative of the cachanilla culture such as the Chinese restaurants, the pagoda and the sculpture of the Civic Center. At the bottom of the collage stands a huge tower with a half moon at the top, and a talking owl.

The artist’s lawyer declared that they will proceed legally against whomever altered the work of art without authoriation.

And the artist stated that he will fix the mural and restore it to its original form.

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