Viceroy Los Cabos: among the most beautiful hotel pools in the world

Villa d'Este, Italy.Photo: Courtesy of Villa d'Este

Truly spectacular design leaves an impression, and swimming pools are no different. No matter the climate, any luxury hotel worth its salt has one—after all, it’s hard to say whether it’s more awe-inspiring to be submerged beside a sand-trimmed sea or surrounded by snowy peaks.

And, increasingly, as originality becomes more valued, properties are getting ever more creative with them. It’s not simply enough to have a serviceable lap pool or plunger for cooling off—the bar is high and is getting higher.

The distinction between a pretty pool and a gorgeous one oftentimes comes down to the environment around it. These standouts, from cities as diverse as Cape Town, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong, to islands spanning Bali, Japan, and Santorini, and inland locales such as the Swiss Alps and Patagonia, just to name a few.

Viceroy Los Cabos, Mexico

modern oval pool next to white cube buildings
Viceroy Los Cabos. Photo: Christian Horan

It’s pools within pools at the new Los Cabos resort, designed by Miguel Angel Aragonés to celebrate water above all else. The precious natural resource wraps around the resort into the Sea of Cortez, creating the illusion that the buildings are boxes floating on water. Super sleek and modern, stark white surfaces contrast the collection of curvilinear pools, including one for adults only on the rooftop, a one-of-a-kind infinity outpost on the sand, and a giant reflecting pool with a bird’s nest–like ceviche restaurant suspended over it.

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