MORENA fractures itself in Baja California: AMLO´s discourse doesn´t correspond with action


Baja California will be the electoral lab of Mexico (once again), this years´ Governor election has meant to leave aside all coherence between discourse and action so a dark character (with regrettable background such as the baseball corruption nefarious and notorious case) as Jaime Bonilla may become the Baja California Gov. candidate for MORENA (Prez AMLO´s party). It´s an imposition over all those who trusted in the words of a candidate/president who promised to fight against corruption.

Jaime Cleofas Martinez Veloz was left aside when he was looking for the Governor candidacy in Baja California, but “they” told him to seek Tijuana Mayor candidacy but “someone” imposed a businessman who knows SQUAT about politics, then Veloz leaves MORENA and he takes several people with him, disappointed by the manner in which MORENA has handled everything, contradiction is constant and the corrupted remain UNPUNISHED, Baja California will be a determining factor in the future of this Orwellian presidential administration.

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