Timeshare tourism accounts for up to 40% of visitors in Baja California Sur

Timeshare tourism accounts for between 30% and 40% of the total number of visitors in Baja California Sur, the state tourism secretary said.

“It is a recurrent theme, especially in the municipality of Los Cabos, that a large number of visitors we receive stay in this kind of lodging,” said Luis Araiza.

The revenue generated by timeshare tourism is also considerably larger, he said, because such visitors stay longer and their purchasing habits are different from those of traditional tourists.

“This market segment is very important for us, and I believe it will only continue to grow.”

Although he could not offer hard figures related to timeshare sales, Araiza said they have reported “marginal growth,” with sales increasing in Los Cabos.

“Not only timeshares, but occupancy rates in general,” he said, noting that the resort destination will be able to offer around 4,000 new hotel rooms to its visitors “in the next few years.”

Two of those hotels are among five luxury hotels slated to open in Mexico this year. The 200-room Nobu Hotel opens next month with room rates starting at US $460. The Hard Rock Hotel is scheduled to open in May with an initial rate of $500. It will have 600 rooms. Both properties are located in Los Cabos.

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