WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London, severe blow to free speech and journalism


Julian Assange was arrested in London when police officers entered Ecuador embassy to detain him, they lifted and carried him outside the embassy facility, it all happened after the South American country retired the diplomatic protective status (political asylum) which the Australian requested seven years ago, seeking shelter against USA´s intentions of extraditing him, however, journalistic versions in social media stated that Ecuador delivered Julian on the condition that he wouldn´t be extradited to a country that tortures and executes convicted inmates.

Assange founded WikiLeaks, a whistleblowing WEB platform which received several accusations and finger pointing regarding several subjects, such as corruption within the public and private sectors and war crimes committed by several countries causing serious harm to countries which claim to be democracies, such as Chelsea Manning, a US soldier who filtered compromising information revealing war crimes and other illegal actions by Uncle Sam Government, eliciting the rage and anger of the most powerful country in the world which from that moment on, demanded Assange´s extradition.  

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