“Journalists don´t read their own notes; Mexicali radio programs shut down was an entrepreneurial decision” Morena state Gov. candidate evaded the press questions in CANACINTRA


At the end of a meeting with Mexicali industrial chamber CANACINTRA, Morena candidate for June 2nd State election, was confronted with several questions regarding a San Diego estate that he hadn´t submitted as part of his “Patrimonial Statement” as national media outlet PROCESO  published; closing down several local radio programs in Mexicali when he assumed control of the radio network RADIOFORMULA, he said that the SD house was old news and the radio program closure had been an entrepreneurial decision.

Short answers, turning the head and eyesight from one place to another, Bonilla, who is considered next election winner de facto, hardly answered reporters Rosa María Méndez Fierros, Rubén Gómez and Alfredo Azcárate Varela, one of his aides asked the media to ask only industrial related questions.  

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