Mexicali patients do not receive chemotherapy due to lack of federal support

El director de Servicios de Salud de Baja California, Néstor Saúl Hernández informó que el problema del abasto se debe a que con el cambio en la administración federal no se han recibido los recursos del seguro popular que corresponden a la federación, para darles atención a los pacientes oncológicos.

Rosa Soledad Hernandez went to the headquarters of the Secretary of Health of Baja California located on the third floor of the federal building of the Mexican civic center on Thursday April 11, she decided to go to the offices to denounce that two weeks ago the treatment was suspended for the people who are treated in the Medical Specialty Unit of Oncology (UNEME) of Mexicali.

Her mother is one of the affected patients, Rosa stated that they traveled from Tecate so that her mother could receive the procedure, but when they arrived they were informed that there was no medication in stock. So she had to pull out of her pocket 2 thousand pesos to buy it.

She said that finally after buying the medication, it was administered, and it served for two doses, so he asked the UNEME laboratory to store the second dose for the next day, the problem was that upon arrival the following day, she was informed that the medication had been thrown away.

Rosa said she immediately went to the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, to file a formal complain and raise her voice so the population can be aware of what is happening at the UNEME where, for two weeks, they do not have the chemotherapy medicine to treat patients suffering from cancer.


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