MORENA candidate, JAime Bonilla, met with BC Industrial representatives in CANACINTRA Mexicali

Industrial representatives from Baja California met with Morena candidate for Governor, Jaime Bonilla, in  CANACINTRA (Industry Chamber) Mexicali facilities, “the state industrial block includes more than 32 manufacturing businesses and about 15o thousand workers all over the State, so it´s fundamental to establish agreements and commitments with the candidates to outline strategies that may promote and foster economic development”, said Eugenio Lagarde, Canacintra Mexicali President, and thanked the candidate for attending the meeting.

The representatives of CANACINTRA Tijuana, Tecate and Ensenada along with Lagarde, pointed out at several issues they feel the next State Executive should take in consideration such as electricity fares, border crossing, and to promote actions to lower imports and raise local suppliers development as well as hospital in Tecate.

Bonilla said he´s willing to coordinate and work together with the State´s industrials, if he wins the election and to review the subjects CANACINTRA mentioned in the meeting, and then he signed a Commitment Letter with the Industrial Sector.

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