Mexican nationals all over Cabo during “Semana Santa”

The president of the Hotel Association of Los Cabos, Paloma Palacios, said that for this Holy Week 2019 a 75% occupation is expected, featuring mostly Mexican nationals.

“Right now what are somewhere between 70 and 75% occupation, and we must remember that the national toutists commonly make last minute reservations, so we are hoping to reach a higher percentage, “she said.

On the other hand, business owners from El Médano beach, in Cabo San Lucas, anticipated that more people are expected during Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“National tourism has been rising every day, every year we get more national tourism; so we are waiting for a lot of people, and we are ready for them, “Mango Deck restaurant manager Garrid Araoz said.

Meanwhile, the director of the beach restaurant, Andrea Luna, said that there is an expectation of doubling the figure registered in 2018, both in Cabo San Lucas and El Medano.

“We have the expectation of doubling last year’s tourist figure, in both Cabo San Lucas and El Medano; so we are hoping to have a better season, ” she concluded.

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